New York State has built a robust agricultural industry that is now a multi-million operation. In fact, our dairy farms are nationally recognized and our Governor has named yogurt the official snack for the state. Such a reputation could not have been attained without the workers that participate in every step of production of all the agricultural products we consume statewide and nationally.

Though farmworkers play such a pivotal role in our state’s economic success, year after year we fail to provide them with minimal labor protections that all other workers in the state enjoy – a day of rest each week, overtime pay after an eight-hour workday, the right to organize and collectively bargain, and to unemployment pay when laid off. These protections could not only enhance production, they would create working conditions that would avoid fatalities, injuries, and abuse.

The New York Civil Liberties Union has long been a supporter of farmworker rights, providing testimony to both City Council and State officials on the Farmworkers Fair Labor Practices Act.

Myths and Facts: Farmworker Fair Labor Practices Act (PDF)

No Farmworkers, No Food (PDF)