The NYCLU has long been a strong defender of the rights of immigrants in New York, as the state has one of the largest and most diverse immigrant populations in the United States. Frequently targeted for persecution, immigrants have endured increased attacks on their civil rights and liberties in recent years. Despite facing some of the greatest hardships of any group, many immigrant communities have little access to resources and are frequently marginalized by federal and local policymakers.

NYCLU staff and activists work aggressively to defend immigrant New Yorkers against threatening government policies and to promote awareness of and advocate for legislation and policies that expand and protect the rights of immigrant communities. Whether it is the defeat of local anti-immigrant ordinances, securing immigrant access to driver’s licenses, doing Know Your Rights trainings, or supporting meaningful Comprehensive Immigration Reform, the NYCLU works together in coalition with immigrants’ rights groups across the state to advocate on behalf of immigrants.

To get involved with the NYCLU’s immigrants’ rights work in your community, contact your local organizer or visit our advocacy items for this issue.

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